Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Boat Launches - Neptunus 62 Express and Sea Ray 480

Busy June for ShipShape.  We launched a number of boats including this Sea Ray 480 (pictured here) and a Neptunus 62 Express Hardtop
The Neptunus was an interesting launch because we moved the hard-top by crane once we had the boat in the water. Having an 80 Ton Travel Lift really makes a difference in moving these big vessels. 
Anytime you want to follow what we are doing - check out ShipShape's OnLine Photo Album... that's where we have all the really great photos... Jonny

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'74 Neptunus - The largest and heaviest boat ever launched in Lake Ontario!

Today we made history! PictuNeptunus 74 - ShipShape Launchred here is the 74' Neptunus we launched last week with our 80 Ton Travel Lift.  Turns out, this was the largest and heaviest boat launched by any Travel Lift in Lake Ontario. 

True, there were times when it was a bit of a nail biter... but it was really cool.  And I took lots of great pics during the launch - you can check them out on our ShipShape Ltd. On-Line Photo Album. 

-- Jonny

Monday, 6 June 2011

'KareBear' Gets New Prop

KareBear At ShipShape Boat YaradHere I am with the owners of KareBear when we launched their vessel after repairing the propeller. The prop had been really badly damaged and we were able to get the boat repairs done quickly so we could get them right back in the water. 
I took a series of photos which show step-by-step how we fixed the prop.  Check out the sequence on our ShipShape Ltd. On-Line Photo Album.  In fact, I've got a lot of great photos from the yard - on that site. 
It's still really busy here in St. Catharines.  Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel - just in time for haul-out no doubt :) .... Jonny

Friday, 3 June 2011

Lagoon 380 Catamaran

ShipShape launches Lagoon 380 CatamaranWe just launched a Lagoon 380 Catamaran from our yard. The owners reported a very peaceful crossing from the yard once we got them launched. 

We've loaded up some more photos on our Picasa Web Album ... be sure to check them out. 

This great weather has been keeping us hopping!  

Friday, 20 May 2011

Custom Catalina 400 Shows At Toronto Yacht Sales Open House

Custom Catalina 420 | Ship Shape Ltd. The Custom Catalina 400 that we re-furbished for Blew Coal Custom Yachts Ltd. is now in the water.  Weather permitting, we'll be moving it over to Outer Harbour Marina this weekend.  It will be part of next weekend's (May 28 & 29) open house with Toronto Yacht Sales.
We re-furbished the Catalina in 2009 and exhibited it for the first time at the 2010 January Toronto Boat Show.  Blew Coal handed us a damaged hull - and we turned it into a beautiful yacht. 
The entire team really enjoyed working on it.  It was a challenge - but a lot of fun!
 Come down to Outer Harbour next weekend - and check it out. -- Jonny

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nauticat 38 - Ship Shape's First Launch of the Season

ShipShape | Boat Repairs | Boat  RefitHere I am with the boys, and Bernie MacGillivray, owner of the Nauticat 38 - our first launch boat of 2011.  You can see the Nauticat nestled in the sling of our 80-Ton Marine Travel Lift.

Bernie purchased his Nauticat from the States and had it shipped to our yard by Andrews Trucking Ltd.  It will spend this season at Mimico Cruising Club.
It was a smooth launch ... and it's great to be back in the water.... Jonny
Click here for more launch photos...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Yard Duty...

Not much time to blog this week as we have lots of things going on in the yard. 
We have a number of boats that we are getting ready for launch, and finishing off the boat repairs.  All of the boats are out of our inside storage unit, and we've taken the shrink wrap off the boats in outside storage.  

Our Custom Catalina 400 is showing really nicely.  It's one of our refit vessels that we completely rebuilt and customized. 

Drop by the yard anytime to check things out...